Winter footsteps came nearer, and Canada is very cold in winter, so many people will buy a down jacket to keep out the cold. As a world-renowned brand, Canada Goose was one of the many choices. Like many world-class brands, Canada Goose outlet has been a lot of shanzhai imitation, there have been many fake. Because of shanzhai fraud are very capable, so many of my friends accidentally get high imitation of the Canada Goose. What about how to distinguish Canada Goose is true or not? Editor to introduce several techniques.

We search Canada Goose online website, 00-always there selling Web site of n seems more formal. However, the fact that Canada Goose is not their official online sales, website only provides a list of accredited retailers. Therefore, canada goose jacket on sale at big discounts and please stay away from the site of the Canada Goose.

Identify the authenticity – the holographic label


In order to combat fraud, Canada Goose has developed laser holographic canada goose womens jacket anti-counterfeiting tags, and sew it into every piece of coats and other clothes, use this as a sign of authentic Canada Goose products. This holographic image is specifically designed for Canada Goose, you can see images from various angles and the elements it contains. Hologram through complex designs, so counterfeiters are hard to counterfeit the security tags. Canada Goose womens jacket outlet from the autumn/winter 2016 series began using the hologram, this anti-counterfeiting technology products are used.

Identifying the authenticity of material –

Fake Canada goose jackets are using inferior materials. Fakes often use feathers, feather residue cheap canada goose or other fillers instead of goose down fill jacket. These materials often carry bacteria, fungus or mildew, harmful to health. Similarly, they will use raccoon, dog or other unknown animal hairs in place of genuine fur collar.

Identifying the authenticity of-5 easy ways

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Five ways consumers can distinguish between true and false:

1, clothes, there was no laser seal labels

2, of the hairs instead of wolves on wool

3, the zippers are not manufactured by YKK

4, Logo on clothing online manual is poor

5, official website of the color of the clothes and different

Identify the authenticity-the harmfulness of the fake commodities

Fake quality standards are extremely low, so wearing any protective effect of these fakes, rather, and it will have an impact on people’s health.


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